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Aaaah new tank

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DizzyDancer · 13/01/2016 17:42

My fish are in their new and improved tank and are loving it
Will get some live plants popped in there over the weekend but I think it looks pretty good and plenty of room for fish to grow

Aaaah new tank
OP posts:
coffeeisnectar · 27/01/2016 23:09

We just set up a second tank and ordered a load of plants online. I also bought a bubble filter with led lights which sits in the gravel and looks amazing. We've now got 6 neon tetras and 3 Congo frogs in it. We have some endlers guppies on order too.

Other tank has guppies, tetras (black widow, neon, ghost neon, zebra), some corys, a few algae eaters (not plecs), clown loaches and some shrimps.

I hope you enjoy your new tank!

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