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My mum has put 2 goldfish in a 12 litre bowl...

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LetThereBeCupcakes · 22/12/2015 14:55

They've got no chance, have they?

In her defence, she went to an apparently reputable fish shop in her home town and they told her it would be fine with 20% water changes once a week. She has no internet access so know way of researching, so she trusted this guy.

She bought the 2 fish about a month ago, they died within a couple of weeks. Went back to the pet shop and they said she needed to add drops to the water - gave her 3 different types. She bought 2 more fish. Now one of them is floating on its side with its fin down.

What size tank SHOULD she have? I'm finding lots of conflicting advice online (though everybody agress they need more space than this).

Would ANYTHING live in a bowl that size? She's so upset, bless her.

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TheHouseOnTheLane · 22/12/2015 14:58

She needs a pump.It's about oxygen as much as space and water quality.

She doesn't need a posh set up...Pets at Home sorted me out when I got mine.

gamerchick · 22/12/2015 15:01

Poor little buggers.

Goldfish are so hard to keep happy and alive.

Reaching back into my brain she needs a decent sized tank set up and let it run for a month before putting fish in and then comes the ball ache of keeping the water right.

Maybe an ocean world jelly fish tank would be better. My son was sent one and I love the thing more than him.

LetThereBeCupcakes · 22/12/2015 15:03

House she won't buy one because "The Man in the pet shop" said she doesn't need one.

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LetThereBeCupcakes · 22/12/2015 15:26

gamer those tanks look amazing! She only bought the fish because somebody gave her the bowl, though, so I can't see her going out and buying something different. I'm not even entirely sure it's a fish bowl. I think it's come from a halogen heater or something?

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