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where do you buy your fish tanks?

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stillwearingaredribbon · 20/03/2015 13:04

OK I have decided my fish need a bigger home
I have a 50L cold water tank housing 7 minnows and 4 shrimp
My head is buzzing looking online for a new tank
Some of them just give dimensions not L

Does anyone have recommendations of brand or where to buy and how big do I need?
I prefer a square shape to oblong

OP posts:
EauRouge · 20/03/2015 14:00

I get all of mine second-hand. Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook. If you're just going to keep the minnows and shrimp then 70 litres will be fine, but you can go as big as you like. If you need to work out the volume then there are loads of calculator thingies around, here is one.

Do you want something with a built-in filter or do you want to choose your own filter?

Buttholelane · 21/03/2015 12:18

I got mine from rocket aquatics.

The tank I originally wanted was sold out so the man gave me a jewel 240 (a bigger, better tank) for the same price as it had the tiniest little white scrape mark on the lid rendering it unsaleable.
So pleased with it and he even delivered it personally as I only live a short drive away.

Could not fault them at all and would definitely purchase from them again

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