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Tiny baby shubunkins

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GoldenGoat · 27/10/2014 10:35

So it seems that the goldfish and shubunkin in my pond have been getting frisky and I've discovered at least one teeny tiny baby shubunkin. I'm not sure if there is just the one or lots but I only see one at a time. It/they are really small, maybe 15 - 20mm.

What do I do with it/them? Will it be OK to leave any babies in the pond? The adults (3 regular goldfish, 1 shubunkin) survive perfectly happily in there and I know that they are really hardy fish. Will it need smaller food? I give the adults pellets but they're bigger than the baby fish!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 29/10/2014 07:53

It's late in the year for babies but they might be OK. There will be plenty of little microorganisms for them to eat so they won't go hungry. If you wanted to, you could get some high protein fry food for them which might help them put on a little growth spurt before the cold weather kicks in. Make sure you don't feed it to them if the temp goes below about 10c though.

If the pond is deep enough and there's plenty of cover then they should be fine with the cold winter weather.

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