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Help again please!

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baddyfreckleface · 13/09/2014 08:12

So dd was promised some new fish today. We have a 90L with six danio.

We plan on getting six white cloud minnows.
Yesterday I checked the water and everything was fine. But it has been looking murky.
I cleaned out the filter again (in the removed tank water, not tap water) and realised I had been missing a bit in the tube just past the spongy thing that sits in the water. It was pretty clogged but not so the water wasn't passing.
I cleaned that and put it back.
This morning the water still looks quite cloudy. I don't think it's a bacteria bloom as it's not as cloudy as that.
I just tested again and all the levels are as they should be.
Do I delay the new fish? Dd will be disappointed but it's a lesson on getting things right, or do I assume all is fine as the tests say?
Should I do a big clean? I have been changing about 10% of the water. Should I do a bigger change while it's just the danios?

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baddyfreckleface · 13/09/2014 08:14

Not sure a picture will help but here is the view from the front

Help again please!
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baddyfreckleface · 13/09/2014 08:14

It's looking down the tank from the side that you can see how murky it looks

Help again please!
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EauRouge · 13/09/2014 12:02

I would delay, yes. I understand your DD will be disappointed, but it's better than dead fish. Have you get a quarantine tank set up? You need to quarantine new fish to make sure they don't pass anything on to the fish you already have. It's a total pain in the arse and no one likes doing it, but it is necessary.

baddyfreckleface · 13/09/2014 12:54

Yes I have a small quarantine tank ready. I have done another hoover of the poo/gravel and changed about 25% of the water. It's looking better now. I think it's that the filter hasn't been 100% because of the blockage and now it will settle down.

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EauRouge · 13/09/2014 12:58

Yes, it will. If you've got a mature filter running in the Q tank you could get the minnows today and by the time the quarantine is over, the filter in the main tank should be up to speed.

baddyfreckleface · 13/09/2014 13:09

It is a mature one. It's the rejected set up from when we needed to upgrade the size. That's great. We might have a trip out then. Just need to decide on just making a larger group of Danio or putting a shoal of minnows in there now.

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