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basic tank set up help

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layla888 · 28/07/2014 11:31

We want to start a basic tank for a goldfish foe the kids please can someone help with the basics of starting this? We have the tank so what water do we use to fill it etc? How long do we wait untill we can put the fish in? Thanks

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EauRouge · 28/07/2014 13:12

Sure, I can talk you through it :)

How big is the tank? Goldfish get very, very large. They do not grow to the size of their tank.

To start with, I fill the tank up outside so you can check for leaks. Once you know it's OK, put it where you want it and then you can start setting it up. What equipment have you got so far?

layla888 · 29/07/2014 08:19

Thanks thats a good tip about filling out side. We have a 17 litre bowl. I now know you use tap water then treat the water and wait a few days. What fish would you recommend for beginners?

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EauRouge · 29/07/2014 09:06

17 litre bowl? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's not suitable for any fish at all- not goldfish, not minnows, nothing. Sadly there's no law about what can be sold as a fish tank- as long as it holds water then it's fair game. But people have successfully returned small fish tanks and got a refund stating the 'not fit for purpose' section of the Sales of Goods Act.

I wouldn't keep fish in anything smaller than 45 litres, but the bigger the better. Small tanks are often sold to beginners because they are thought of as easier but it's actually really hard to maintain the water quality in a small tank. I had a 30 litre shrimp tank for a couple of months and it was a royal pain in the arse, I was doing 4 or 5 water changes a week and just gave up in the end and moved them into a 60 litre.

Something like a 60 litre tank is perfect for a beginner, it's not big enough to be really expensive or take ages to clean, but it's big enough to be a bit more forgiving of water quality issues.

If you need anything to help you, the RSPCA recommend a minimum tank size of 45 litres (10 gallons). I can't find the link because their website has been tinkered with, but if you go to the ask a question link then it'll tell you on there.

Sorry for the bad news, hope you find it helpful though. If you do get a larger tank then you need to allow about 6 weeks to make it ready for fish.

layla888 · 29/07/2014 09:58

Oh god this is what the sales assistant sold me at Pet's at home Here

A bit miffed now as ive started doing the water treatment!

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Fairylea · 29/07/2014 10:03

Pets at home are just out to make money and a quick sale unfortunately.

You can usually pick up relatively cheap second hand fish tanks on Gumtree and preloved if you wanted to try and find something more suitable.

The larger the tank is the better for the fish and also the better the water quality as there is more stability the larger the volume of water.

layla888 · 29/07/2014 11:27

Thanks we were told that 2nd hand tanks could carry disease? Obviously that was BS! Ill go on freecycle and find one. Start again lol

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EauRouge · 29/07/2014 13:36

They can if you don't clean them! But it can easily be scrubbed and sorted. I've lost count of how many fish tanks I've had over the years but I've only ever had one brand new one.

I know each branch is different but generally I wouldn't trust P@H to tell the head end of a fish from the arse end. They are dreadful. I wouldn't buy livestock from them either, see if there's a specialist aquatic place that you can get to.

Good luck finding a new tank. I find those local Facebook groups often have very cheap ones, see if there's an aquatic buy and sell group near you.

layla888 · 29/07/2014 15:22

Thanks for all ur help!

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