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Fingers crossed!!!

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CatKisser · 10/07/2014 15:49

I used to post on this board when I had my beloved 300 litre bad boy of a tank, but had to give it away when I moved 250 miles away. (Later saw the recipient had sold in Facebook for rather a lot, but let's forget that...

I've been looking to get back into fish keeping for ages but not seen a good bargain yet. Until now... It's on gumtree. 290 litres, four foot long....for £40!!!

I've rang the guy but his phone is off, texted him and am hoping so much for a reply! Forty pounds!!

Already dreaming about keeping a pair of green terrors...

OP posts:
EauRouge · 10/07/2014 15:58

Bit bloody cheeky of the person to sell it!

Anyway, let us know how you get on and make sure you post some photos :) £40 is a total bargain.

CatKisser · 10/07/2014 16:01

I'll let you know and show you pics if I get it...
Eau I was most upset as the person promised to look after my wonderful huge weather loaches. When they were selling it on FB they had made the tank tropical and the loaches weren't in it. I've never dared find out what happened to them. Sad

OP posts:
EauRouge · 10/07/2014 16:57

Oh no :( I really hope they rehomed the loaches. What a bastard.

CatKisser · 13/07/2014 10:51

I didn't get the one I wanted - I got one BETTER! 380 litres wave fronted Eheim - £50!!
Amazing filter and decent heater and light included. Was in use until 2 weeks ago. Getting it from my car to my living room was horrendous in every way, but I am SO excited about the possibilities.
Here's a pic of just the bare tank but obviously it also has a lid

Fingers crossed!!!
OP posts:
EauRouge · 13/07/2014 11:04

Oh WOW. What a bargain! Are you coming up with multiple ideas on what you're going to put in there? Have you got a mature tank already running or do you have to start completely from scratch?

CatKisser · 13/07/2014 11:14

Nope, starting completely from scratch so the next few weeks are going to drive me MAD but will at least give me a chance to save a bit of £ to buy all the bits and bobs.

I'd love some ideas of what to keep though. I've only really done community tanks with hardy fish - platys, danios, gourami, American Flagfish, Panchax, Harlequins, tetras, etc.

Are the bigger cichlids a lot trickier to keep? African cichlids I mean? I know nothing about this area so would have to do a lot of research...

OP posts:
CatKisser · 13/07/2014 11:34

Current idea is a single Oscar, a bristlenose plec and 5-8 silver dollars... apparently heir shape means they won't get eaten! And the plecs aren'r seen as threats to the Oscar.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 13/07/2014 12:27

A plec and an Oscar would work. Not sure on the silver dollars, the only things I know about them is that they get massive and that they trash plants. Ooh, you could rescue a plec. I see so many on Facebook that people are trying to rehome because they've got too big.

I loooove Oscars. I don't have the space, though.

EauRouge · 13/07/2014 12:28

That may not have made any sense, I'm overexcited at the thought of Oscars Grin

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