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New tank :)

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SayraT · 03/02/2014 22:03

I received an email through my work the other day about someone who was giving up fishkeeping and wanted to rehome their tank and fish. I replied to the email thinking that someone else was bound to have got there first.

They didn't and I got an email from the woman this morning saying the tank it was mine if I wanted, she is going to send some photos and confirm what fish she has. She has been slowly running the tank down so isn't 100% sure what she has Grin

I can't wait I've been wanting to get a new bigger tank for a while this one is 4ft so not too massive but bigger than the one I've got just now.

I might be back on later to check I've got everything I need to moving the fish safely but at the moment I am thinking:

Bags to put fish in
Polystyrene boxes with heat pads wrapped up to transport the fish in
Big containers to take some of the water
Battery powered air stone/something to oxygenate the filter media

Anything else I need to be thinking about just now?


OP posts:
cheesecheeseplease · 09/02/2014 07:51

ooh how exciting Grin. dh might have something to say if I tired to cram a 4 ft in out little house! what fish are you getting?

EauRouge · 09/02/2014 08:47

Double-check what the fish are! She may be genuine and you might be getting a total bargain, but this is a very common way to dump fish that people can't look after. Make sure you're not going to get anything that's going to need a bigger tank.

SayraT · 09/02/2014 16:24

Woohoo Grin some replies!!

She sent me some photos of the tank and told me the fish she has:

12 neon tetras
3 scissor tails
1 corydora

and one fish she calls the worm cause that's what it looks like, I don't know what this is, any suggestions?

I do think she is genuine, I know this doesn't mean she is but the email came through from the vet school I am on the mailing list because I am doing my PhD through the university. She has also had fish for over 30 years, I will take a good look when I go to collect the tank and make sure I am happy with everything.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 09/02/2014 16:44

Possibly a kuhli loach or maybe a fire eel. More likely the former given the tank mates.

EauRouge · 09/02/2014 16:45

Or maybe even a weather loach, although they are not tropical.

SayraT · 09/02/2014 16:52

Thanks eau I will have a close look when I go or ask her if she can take a close up picture of the the "worm fish" because surely if its a fire eel it will grow massive?!

OP posts:
EauRouge · 09/02/2014 17:18

Yes, fire eels get massive but if she's been keeping fish that long then I doubt she will have just chucked a fire eel in there. More than likely it's a kuhli. They like to live in groups, as do corys.

SayraT · 09/02/2014 17:27

I quite liked the look of the kuhli....I was thinking that once I get the tank all moved etc I will have to get some more fish (of the same types so that they have friends). I knew the cory needed some friends I think to be honest once she decided she wanted to get rid of the tank/fish she just never replaced anything that died.

I will update once I get everything moved Grin

OP posts:
EauRouge · 09/02/2014 17:33

Don't forget photos!

SayraT · 16/02/2014 19:21

Got the tank today, 9 hours in total to dismantle, move, set up and get fish in. Will add some photos in a few days once fish are settled. There were some extra fish but nothing bad. I'll list them below, I know that I will need to top up some of the number of certain fish to make them happier as there are a lot of individual fish. I am not sure how many fish I can have. Will be back for advice on that later.


12 neon tetras
3 scissor tails
1 bristlenose
1 kuhli loach
1 corydora
1 gourami
1 harlequin rasbora

OP posts:
EauRouge · 16/02/2014 19:25

Sounds like a good mix. Do you know what sort of gourami it is? Can't wait for photos!

SayraT · 16/02/2014 19:43

I think it might be a golden gourami, it is a yellowy colour and has spotty markings on its tail and fins. Yeah I've got some photos of my wcmm's on my profile just now but I'll get some of the new fish soon. I can't stop looking at it.

I was really lucky I think, I've been given loads of decor and equipment as well so plenty of options for wood and rocks etc and a smaller tank too Smile

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