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daisychicken · 09/01/2014 17:29

Ds2 had a triops kit for Christmas... We've set it up and got 3 ranging from about 0.5-1cm long. They will be a week old on Saturday.

Has anyone got/had triops? Can you tell me what tank is best and what to feed them? I know they don't live very long & they are carnivores but that's about the extent of my knowledge!

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Mogz · 09/01/2014 18:50

I kept mine in a small 'goldfish' bowl and fed them the commercial food that came with the kit, iirc there was a bit in the info leaflet to order more.

Grumpla · 09/01/2014 19:06

Seems pretty conprehensive.I expect if you just leave them to stagnate in a tiny jar they will die off pretty quickly Hmm but if you do regular water changes with dechlorinated water you could get them laying eggs themselves, that would be pretty cool!

daisychicken · 09/01/2014 20:34

I've been reading up on that site Grumpla just wondered if anyone here had advice.

I've found a tank online that I think is big enough but will have a look in town first (& collect some gravel/sand from the local shop). I'm unsure about whether they really need a bubbler and heat (barr the light I've got over the mini-tank currently)... bit more research I think!

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