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too late for a Christmas present?

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toomuchtooyoung · 27/11/2013 18:23

dd just announced she would like some fish to replace our beloved cat who died earlier this year. but I've just been reading about recommended 60l tank size and a fishless cycle. we don't have room for a huge tank and now not enough time till the big day and how to keep it a surprise!

slightly concerned that 30 year's ago when I was her age my brother won a goldfish at the fair and we kept it and 5 additions in a very small tank Sad feel very bad now, but how did they all live for over 10 years!

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toomuchtooyoung · 27/11/2013 18:25

oooops, sorry for multiple posts. must be gremlins, or maybe guppies Grin

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bundaberg · 27/11/2013 18:26

get her some aquabots instead Grin

DesperatelySeekingSanity · 27/11/2013 18:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toomuchtooyoung · 27/11/2013 19:09

she's 3, not very good at waiting Grin

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EauRouge · 28/11/2013 08:20

Do you know someone with a fish tank? If you can nick a bit of mature media from their filter then that will shorten the cycle. It still does take time though, and it's worth doing- putting fish in an uncycled tank can result in death (theirs, not yours).

60 litres isn't massive, it's a sensible size for a first tank. You could get away with 45 litres maybe but anything smaller than that is going to be difficult to maintain.

Christmas isn't the ideal time to get a fishtank really, the first few weeks need a lot of work and fish need to be kept calm and quiet because they can be skittish while they settle in. Also you're more likely to get a bargain on the tank in the January sales.

toomuchtooyoung · 28/11/2013 13:54

thanks for replying everyone. unfortunately I don't know anyone with a fish tank. will explain to dd and see if she's still interested....

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