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Not understanding Nitrite readings

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BoringTheBuilder · 11/03/2013 13:52

Nitrite was O ppm, changed the water because of high ammonia and tested again straight away and Nitrite was 0.25ppm....Why??

OP posts:
EauRouge · 11/03/2013 14:14

It could just be a slight variation in the test, what kind are you using? I'd be more worried about the ammonia level, any reason it was so high? What is it at now?

BoringTheBuilder · 11/03/2013 14:21

Aquafresh API. Ammomia was really high 8.0ppm and after the change 0.25ppm. Will change again in a couple of hours, can't do it right now

OP posts:
EauRouge · 11/03/2013 14:23

I wouldn't worry about 0.25ppm ammonia, it shouldn't do any damage. How come your filter got knocked out? 8ppm is really high Shock Had you been away or something? DH accidentally turned the filter off in my big tank once, I was livid. Managed to save all the fish though.

BoringTheBuilder · 11/03/2013 14:38

Not my tank, helpinga neighbour who is away and I'm not sure how they started the tank off but its a relatively new one.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 11/03/2013 14:42

Do you know how long it's been set up? If it's very new then maybe they just didn't cycle it first. If you've got the ammonia level right down then it'll be OK for a while but if the filter's still maturing then you'll need to do water changes every couple of days until everything stabilises. I hope they're bringing you back a large bottle of gin from duty free!

BoringTheBuilder · 11/03/2013 15:43

A month or two. Its my training if I ever get a tanking for myself.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 11/03/2013 15:48

If they set it up and added fish right away then it wouldn't have cycled, it takes about 6 weeks after setting up before it's safe to add fish, although most shops don't know or at least don't bother mentioning it. I'm guessing they do at least have a filter?

This here explains what the jeff is going on in there.

BoringTheBuilder · 26/03/2013 12:22

Hi, the readings are still bad in that tank and I don't have much time to look after it. Can I take some water from a stabilished tank and put in there? Will that help?

OP posts:
EauRouge · 26/03/2013 12:30

Moving water won't do anything, the bacteria is nearly all in the filter. If you can nab a bit of sponge or filter media from a mature filter then that will really help. How big is the tank and how many fish are in there?

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