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How did you get started with your fish?

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Tribblewithoutacause · 28/02/2013 09:06

How did you get started with fish?

My family kept fish for years growing up, and I managed to keep a tank of them myself whilst in Uni.

I'm thinking of getting back into it as I think my LO would enjoy watching the tank (plus I miss having fish).

So, indulge me. How did you get started and why?

OP posts:
notcitrus · 28/02/2013 09:25

I think the big tank in local Barclays Bank got me interested when I was little. Then my dad won me a goldfish but a couple months later mum complained it stared at her so it was given to friends. Probably best as it ended up with a friend and tank not a bowl.

Later I said I'd get a tank as soon as was living somewhere permanently, finally bought a flat with MrNC, did all the reading obsessively, saved money, then looked on Ebay and found an entire setup with fish nearby with no bidders. Emailed a bit, guy told me what to do, won auction and collected the lot. Most of the fish, platies, rasboras etc survived.

I didn't replace fish when I was expecting ds, and then sold the tank, so now waiting to rebuild part of the house then want new tank for my birthday.

I'd like discus but not sure if London hard water would work - need to ask fish shops if they use softeners or just boyhood.

notcitrus · 28/02/2013 09:25


EauRouge · 28/02/2013 10:22

I remember my first primary school having a tropical community, the neons in particular stick in my memory. When I was about 7 I pestered my DM for a pet- she said no to rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc etc. But she said yes to fish! The shop sold us a 4 gallon tank with no filter and two common goldfish on the same day Shock Luckily the shop (and my fishkeeping) have improved a lot since then!

Notcitrus- Most discus keepers use RO water. You can buy the water from aquatic stores or get your own RO unit.

StuffezLaBouche · 03/03/2013 14:37

I remember had a lovely tank and, like Eau, the neons really caught my eye. A few years ago i foolishly bought a 23 litre 'tank' from Pets at Home along with two plays and.two black moor goldfish on the same day.
My fault for not.researching beforehand. When i realised how woefully crap my setup was i scoured the internet and.ended up with a.monstrous 300litre+ tank. I LOVED it, it was my pride and joy.
Sadly when i moved i found nobody would buy it, so i gave it, fish and all, to a.local.fishkeeper. He has since.sold it.empty on facebook and.i dread to think what he's.done with the fish, particularly my wonderful weather loaches. :-(
I now have a 185 litre community which I love and amblooking for a 60 litre tank for my kitchen.

PeneloPeePitstop · 03/03/2013 14:44

Oh I so want discus but they scare me due to their fragility...

I got into it as a friend's ex was into it and got me interested. I cringe to admit my first tank was a teeny one with four fancy goldfish in it. I just plonked them in and wondered why they died....

I do now know about the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate cycle Blush

Had a fantastic seven foot tank when with my ex, had tinfoils and silver dollars in it with a magnificent 18 inch plec, but he got custody in the divorce...

Scaled down my fish keeping whilst the kids were teeny but back into it in a big way now. Have 200 litre tank, nano tank and now DH says he wants a blue lobster for his birthday so trying to source a reasonably priced tank on eBay as he'll have to have his own tank...

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