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Truly URGENT help needed

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NoWittyName · 17/02/2013 15:14

Please help.

I have just done a water change in number one's tank. When I lifted up the bogwood to give a good hoover underneath I didn't realise that mr. bristlenose was still on it (he usually darts off with amazing speed!).
Anyway, this time he found a 'crack' in the bogwood and hid inside it with only his tail sticking out. The only problem is that I'm not sure whether he can get back out and I do NOT want him to die!!! It's about half an hour later and he's still in there.
Is he just in there trying to calm down or could he be stuck? I don't know whether with fish it's a case that if they could get in they can get out or not?!?!?
His tail is sticking out so I could give him a gentle pull, but if he can do it himself I don't want to stress him out by pulling his tail.

Feel awful and really really don't want him to die stuck!

Any advice gratefully received.

OP posts:
sydlexic · 17/02/2013 15:34

Sorry no idea. bump

amillionyears · 17/02/2013 15:42

Dont know either.
We had a plastic ornament thing in our water, and a fish got stuck in there for 2 or 3 minutes. But he was very obviously trying to wriggle his way out, because he was stuck.

Is he wriggling at all?

Note I am not an expert on all of this, so slightly bumping too, as this may be a fish emergency.

potatopotato · 17/02/2013 15:51

You could try touching his tail gently- surely if he's not stuck he will swim away from your touch?

amillionyears · 17/02/2013 15:53

I think I am of the same mind as potatopotato.

OrangeforDd · 17/02/2013 16:05

Our bristlenose fish will grip onto things eg the net if we have to move her. She stiffens the bristles if that makes sense and can hold on for a very long time! I would just leave the wood tipped sideways and wait. Our similar fish is mostly nocturnal and hides behind rocks during the day. Good luck.

EauRouge · 17/02/2013 16:44

He's probably just hiding. They are nocturnal so you'll find out for sure tonight. Try putting a chunk of cucumber in there (weight it down by spearing it on a teaspoon) and then wait and see if he comes out. If you try and force him out then you might end up injuring him.

I try to avoid moving wood and rocks around because it's easy to injure or freak out fish, I just hoover around my bogwood rather than moving it to clean underneath. If you use a bit of airline then you can syphon in all the little cracks.

NoWittyName · 17/02/2013 16:47

:) :) :)

He's out.

Thanks for everyone's advice.

:) :) :)

OP posts:
amillionyears · 17/02/2013 16:53


Had that happen once too.
Awful isnt it.

StuffezLaBouche · 17/02/2013 18:31

Really relieved for you. Horrible, helpless feeling isnt it?

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