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Eau- over here, i have a picture of the mystery snail (if you remember, it was a while ago).

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Marne · 24/12/2012 15:55

Just found another snail in the tank and its deffently some kind of snail. I am Shock as a few weeks ago everything was moved to another tank and i couldn't find any snails (other than the red spotted one). I have a photo and shall upload it, not sure if it will be very clear though as he is tiny.

Can anyone identify this snail?

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ISawMamaPizzaKissingSantaClaus · 24/12/2012 16:15

Is it pinkish? Looks like a ramshorn snail to me.

EauRougelyNight · 24/12/2012 16:47

Yes, looks like a ramshorn to me. You can get pinkish ones but some are just a beigey sort of colour. It looks a lot like the ramshorns in my tank, they stay fairly small and don't breed too quickly if you make sure not to overfeed your fish.

How are the guppies?

Marne · 24/12/2012 17:22

Its a beige (ish colour), have found a couple more too which are a bit smaller.

I have more baby guppies (12 more born last week) but lost a couple adults, my older babys now have colour in their tails and some are blue snake skin so i'm very happy (was trying to get blue colours). Mr Molly is ready to burst so maybe a christmas birth tomorrow.

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EauRougelyNight · 24/12/2012 17:24

Mr Molly is ready to burst? It'll be a Christmas miracle Grin

Marne · 24/12/2012 18:29

opps (too much wine) Grin 'Mrs Molly'

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