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Eau- could my weird snail looking things actually be Cory eggs?

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Marne · 20/11/2012 15:46

Was just looking on google and i think the things that look like tiny snails could be albeno Cory eggs, i have 3 corys in the tank, do they breed easily? could they be cory eggs and not snails? going to see if i can find anymore and try and take a pic.

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EauRouge · 20/11/2012 15:59

Cory eggs tend to be stuck in a group like this. Easiest way to tell if you're not sure is to mark the glass with an eyeliner where the eggs/snails are and if they move then they are snails Grin

They could be cory eggs, they breed very easily.

Marne · 20/11/2012 16:11

Will see if i can find anymore, all the ones i have spotted have been around the heater and filter but i knocked them off when i moved the filter and cant see them as they are a similar colour to my sand Sad, i was going to swap the tank for the new one but i better leave it a while until i know what they are. If they are eggs how long do they take to hatch (if they are going to hatch) and will they just get eaten up by my danios?

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EauRouge · 20/11/2012 16:46

They don't take very long to hatch at all, usually 3-6 days. Yes, your danios will snack on eggs, as will the corys.

Marne · 20/11/2012 16:49

So if they are eggs theres not much chance of getting any fry with the danios feasting on them (and the corys and female fighter)? I will leave it a day or 2 before switching the tanks over just incase.

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EauRouge · 20/11/2012 16:51

Depends on hiding places in your tank. If it's heavily planted with lots of good hiding places for fry then you might get lucky. Is there anything with really fine leaves live java moss or floating plants with dangly roots?

Marne · 20/11/2012 17:25

Lots of plastic plants and one real one (not sure what sort though).

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