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New tank (yes another one)

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Marne · 19/11/2012 21:37

Was just sat on the laptop in my pj's and someone advertised a tank for free on a fb page, so i snapped it up and i went to pick it up. Its not as big as i thought it was though so not sure if its any bigger than the tank i wanted to replace it with. Apparently its 2.5ft by 1ft so not sure how many ltrs? I have left it in the car as i have nowhere to put it. Cant wait to mess around with it tomorrow Smile

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EauRouge · 19/11/2012 21:39

You're terrible Grin How many is that now? 2.5 x 1 ft is probably about 70 litres.

Marne · 19/11/2012 21:44

I only have 5, would have been 6 but i sold my little betta tank last week (and my betta has a 45ltr to himself now).

If its 70lt then its probably the same size as my cory/danio tank, i think i will just swap them over as the new one has a lid (old one hasn't) or i could try and squeeze it into my bedroom for more guppy fry?

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EauRouge · 19/11/2012 21:57

You're not sick of guppies by now then Grin Do it, you know you want another tank!

Marne · 19/11/2012 22:01

I am sick of guppies but the fry are cute and love waiting to see what colour they are, i'm not buying anymore adults though, once they are gone they will be replaced with something else (maybe platy), i think i only have 7 adults left Sad.

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