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How to top up water in tank and clean sponge filters?

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DoubleYew · 12/09/2012 11:52

(Sorry I am a bit clueless - my stbxh bought the tank for ds on the understanding he knew what he was doing and would do all the maintenance. But now we have split and I have to sort it out. I asked him what to do and he said he doesn't know Hmm.)

The pump has been spitting out air bubbles. I've had a look and I think because the water level is well below (few cms) the water fill level. THe filter sponge things need cleaning but I read on here you should do that with tank water. So how do you do that? And then I'll need to top the water up even more.


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sherbetpips · 12/09/2012 12:33


Okay once a month you need to do some regular maintenance:

  1. Stir up the gravel a bit so the poo, etc floats around.

2. Take out 20% of the water into a bucket. (best to use a siphon tube as it will act like a hooever but you can just do it with a small jug)
3. When the water is in the bucket, use it to rinse the sponges out then put them back in the filter.
4. Top up the water with fresh water (also a good idea to buy some de-chlorinator from the pet shop).

You dont say if it is a warm water (i.e. has a heater) or a cold water tank (i.e. no heater, gold fish).

If it is warm water you need to take care of the temperature of the water you put back in, not too precise but dont put freezing/boiling water in.

Make sure you get the pump at the correct water level quickly or it will burn out. It is good however for the water coming out to be rippling along the top as it oxygenates the tank.

happy fishkeeping
DoubleYew · 12/09/2012 14:04

Thank you so much.

When you say fresh water is tap water ok or should I use rainwater?

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EauRouge · 12/09/2012 14:44

What Sherbet said but once a month isn't often enough, you need to do it once a week.

I wouldn't use rainwater, it picks up all sorts of pollutants. Tap water is ok but you must use dechlorinator like aquasafe to remove chloramine, otherwise it will kill off the good bacteria in the filter.

DoubleYew · 13/09/2012 17:33

Thanks EauRouge, (its Albrecht btw Wink)

Gulp, every week huh? Well I've got the de-chlorine stuff from the pet shop today, hopefully I can get onto it tonight if ds ever goes to sleep!

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