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blind mollie?

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floranora · 15/08/2012 16:27

I seem to have a blind mollie! I have 3 black, 3 silver, 1 white, 1 dalmation, and 2 orange. the 2 orange ones are new. i was watching then swimming about yesterday and on of the orage ones eyes look odd, like there is no eye iyswim? it doesnt look like the other orange one does. It didnt seem bothered by it but when i fed them all the others went crazy for food as did noeyes but noeyes didnt seem to be aiming for specific bits of food, but just seemed to get lucky.

what should i do about my little noeyes?

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FermezLaBouche · 17/08/2012 19:00

Oh, so sad! Yes, I've seen platys with no eyes before. I don't know whether it's a birth defect or a result of fighting... sad though. Don't think there's much you can do really - if she's eating she should be ok, but it might be she just can't survive alongside the others. Hope she's ok.

floranora · 17/08/2012 22:16

thanks for replying! she seems to be doing ok so far! hope so, don't think hand feeding a mollie is any fun!

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