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silver sharks and odd behaviour!

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whatthewhatthebleep · 12/08/2012 14:38

I have 4 silver sharks...anyway the odd thing is....when I feed the fish 2 of my sharks start this sort of syncronised swimming they really sidle up to each other and mirror each other's swimming and movements!!!

They seem to be slapping bodies and tails together and if any of the other sharks comes close will chase it off and then return to his buddy....

It goes on and on for ages then they seem to settle down again and the 4 of them swim together again....

Are these pair...a pair?...could this be breeding behaviour maybe?...I can't think of anything else.....anyone seen this before???

OP posts:
Macchiato · 13/08/2012 23:20

I've no idea, but... How sweet is that!!?

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