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Interpet v Fluval Hagan Filters?

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SecretSquirrel193 · 11/06/2012 15:27

I should have probably asked this BEFORE buying online (!) but I have just ordered a replacement for my Interpet PF2 filter. I don't think its coping with my goldfish, as the water is never crystal clear even when levels are reading ok, or even post water change.

I've just ordered a Fluval U3 Underwater Filter (next size up in power to what I have). Are they any good or should I cancel and go back to Interpet? The Fluval had a higher/better recommendation score

Its for 2 fancy goldfish (currently in a 45l but working on a bigger tank)

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EauRouge · 11/06/2012 15:34

Fluval filters are very good, never used the Interpet ones but if it's anything like the rest of their products then the Fluval will definitely be better Grin The flow might be too strong for the goldfish in the 45 litre tank though, so turn the flow down as low as it will go and try to aim the outlet at the glass rather than out into the tank. U3s are normally for much larger tanks, I'm guessing you are going to get a bigger one and then move the filter over?

You said the levels are OK but the water's not clear- what's it look like, green or milky?

SecretSquirrel193 · 11/06/2012 15:46

Yeah the plan is to get the bigger filter and then move it to the new tank, although google also seemed to think goldies did better when a filter for their tank was for double the size of the tank they were in? The water is always vaguely milky, even after a 75% water change its not clear. I'm about to do a another tank clean, going to save about 40% of the water, dump the rest and remove all the gravel for rinsing, wipe the inside of the tank and see if that helps again?

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EauRouge · 11/06/2012 16:10

If it's always milky then rinsing the gravel might help but I'd wait until you need to move them anyway- big cleans like that are stressful and the fish could get injured. Bits of dust etc in the water won't harm them, it just looks rubbish.

Bigger filters are better but generally people use external filters or fit spray bars to the internal filters to slow down the flow. Fancy goldfish are terrible swimmers because of their shape so they need the flow to be really slow.

SecretSquirrel193 · 11/06/2012 17:32

Have just had my order cancelled for the filter cause of where I live so back to find another one!
Didn't know about the slow flow, will def make that a priority - can't have Burke and Hare having a hard time swimming poor things!

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