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Can i name and shame an aquatic shop? would like to share what i saw today as shocked.

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Marne · 09/04/2012 16:08

So i thought my local aquatic shop was shocking after i lost a fish last week (whilst bringing it home, had died in the bag) but compared to what i saw today my local shop is much better.

We drove quite far to find it and got lost, was quite excited about going as had heard it advertised on the radio and it sounded great. I got there and took dd2 in with me, the shop aws full of tiny tanks, there were 30ltr (or less) size tanks full of angel fish (50+ fish), there was no room for them to move and they were eating the weaker fish, the water was green and there were dead fish floating in most tanks, they had salt water fish such as clown fish and parrot fish in tiny tanks (probably only 4ltrs max) and all the tanks were mixed (there was no fresh water section and salt water section or cold water) so no one could see what they were buying and what type of set up they would need, all the tanks looked dirty and the fish looked unhealthy (or dead).

We didn't stay long and deffently didn't buy anything.

The Aquatic shop was 'southern Aquatics' in Poole (Dorset)

Just wanted to name and shame as i was discusted. The only good thing was they had very good priced tanks but i would never stock it using their fish.

OP posts:
notcitrus · 09/04/2012 16:14

Oh dear. I hope it's a new place that will rapidly go out of business seeing as how many good shops have closed down. I used to have more choice locally but now have to drive 30 min or go to shops with very few fish. At least the one in Fulham like you describe has closed down - the other fish shops called it The Crypt...

OeufRouge · 09/04/2012 16:16

I don't know the legal stuff about naming and shaming so can't help you there! I know that the majority of aquatic shops have a central filtration system that all the tanks are hooked up to, so although the fish look very cramped it's not the same as keeping them long term in a tiny tank.

Fish eating dead is not good though, that's a surefire quick way to spread disease. Best never to buy from a tank where you see this going on.

You can tell a lot about a shop by the way they react to being told they have dead livestock. A good shop will thank you for spotting it and go and remove the dead fish right away. A rubbish shop will come out with a string of excuses and go on a fag break before they can be bothered to do anything (yes, this has happened to me before!)

If you wanted to report the shop then I think the local council is the place that grants livestock licences.

Marne · 09/04/2012 17:02

The shop has been there for years, it has a few bad reviews on line for selling furry animals that are cooped up in tiny cages. Will see if i can leave a review online too. I guess they turn over a lot of stock as its the only big aquatic centre in the area. there were a lot of people looking around today but didn't see many buying fish. Its a huge shop but they seem to have cramed everything in (can hardly move in there) including the poor fish, wish i had taken some photo's on my phone but was in a hurry to get out of there. The angel fish are what upset me most as there were just so many in the tank that they could hardly move Sad. There was a male fighing fish that was in a tank with other fish (maybe mollys?) and he had been nipped or had some kind of fin rot as he looked pretty sorry for himself Sad.

Dh wasn't happy that we had to drive around looking for it and i came out after 5 minutes without buying anything Grin. I'm sure a lot of people go there for the cheap fish tanks and other bits (as it was all priced lower than most places), it made my local aquatic shop look brilliant.

Not sure where else i can go to buy fish now (not as though i need anymore really).

OP posts:
Flippajh · 09/04/2012 21:29

I've stopped using this shop for the same reason. I now use maidenhead aquatics near ferndown, their tanks are spotless and they have a good selection.

McPhee · 09/04/2012 21:35

Can you not report them if you think they are mistreating the fish?

chantico · 09/04/2012 21:39

I hope you will report them.

If Gloucestershire is any good for you this centre is excellent.

PurplePidjin · 09/04/2012 21:47

I can't remember the name but the one near Gardenlands in Christchurch is good (it's had several names over the years). Might be a bit far for you, but DD's would enjoy the Adventure Wonderland just up the road :)

Marne · 09/04/2012 22:32

Probably too far away for us to buy fish (wouldn't want to risk them dying on the way home).

PurplePidjin- we too the girls to adventure wonderland last year and they didn't like it (was too busy and noisy), they did enjoy watching the planes take of from the airport viewing point though.

Flip, have you bought fish from there? were they ok? did the live long?, i dont know how to report them, i was shocked at the amount of customers they had in there, i don't know who would want to buy from such crouded tanks Sad.

I didn't look at there pet section so christ knows what conditions they are kept in.

OP posts:
McPhee · 09/04/2012 22:44

I'd call the RSPCA and get some advice from them, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Or maybe even be able to deal with it themselves.

I wouldn't be able to leave it.

OeufRouge · 10/04/2012 08:53

Not sure how useful the RSPCA would be, but it's worth a go.

Your local council is the one that grants pet shop licences. The info is here.

PurplePidjin · 10/04/2012 09:13

Oh ok. We took dnephew (then 3) and it wasn't too crowded, but then he likes hustle and bustle!

Marne · 10/04/2012 12:23

Have reported the shop through the link you gave me x

OP posts:
EauRouge · 10/04/2012 14:40

Excellent, let us know when you get a reply.

Flippajh · 10/04/2012 19:59

I actually bought my very first tank from S.A and the fish they gave me to cycle my tank with (pre fishless cycle info) lasted years, but the times I've been in there since that I've been really shocked at the condition of the tanks and have never bought any more fish. But its always packed in there.

Nearly bought some fish from pets at home this weekend but they wouldn't sell me them!! Never had that before in all the nearly 10 years I've been fish keeping!

Giyadas · 10/04/2012 20:06

Clicked to see if it was the place I expecting.
And it was.
They have a terrible reputation and have had for ages, but it hasn't stopped them so far.

EauRouge · 10/04/2012 20:08

They wouldn't sell them? Wow! Why not?

McPhee · 10/04/2012 20:08

Well done Marne Smile

Flippajh · 10/04/2012 20:58

I have a 55 gallon community set up, I recently gave away 5 very large gold barbs that have suddenly hbeen harassing my 4 year old male angelfish. So wanted to get a few replacements, had a bit of a look and decided on a few more guppys (down to 4 after a year) and a male and female gourami. P A H would sell me two more guppies but not the gourami's as they said my angelfish would attack them. I explained my angelfish co exist very peacefully in my tank but they said no!! Was pretty gob smacked to be honest! My oh asked if they were going to come and do a home check for the guppies (sarcastically) which nearly ended up with her not letting me have the guppies!!

Marne · 10/04/2012 21:17

Our pets at home are the same, gave me a huge lecture before buying some guppies and a couple tetras, asked me if my water had been tested and i had to sign a bit of paper to say my tank was suitable, i was quite impressed and the fish were really healthy. When i buy more fish i will be going to pets at home Smile, SA was just shocking, i'm suprised they havn't been shut down, they have a shop in southampton but i'm not sure if that is the same.

OP posts:
EauRouge · 10/04/2012 21:42

They sold you guppies but not gouramis because the angels would attack them? That's pretty dumb. Guppies are far more likely to be gobbled up by angels.

Flippajh · 10/04/2012 21:53

She did tell me to bring them back if my angel fish attacked them. My angels have never gone for anything even when they used to spawn, but I suppose it's better than the usual "of course you can put an Oscar in your 60 ltr tank and a few more tank mates"!

EauRouge · 11/04/2012 08:14

I heard of someone selling an oscar for a 30 litre biorb once Shock

lurcherlover · 12/04/2012 22:00

PAH sold me some guppies which turned out to be diseased and killed most of my tank...including my lovely gourami who was 6 years old and a real favourite Sad They did offer to re-stock my tank, but I won't be getting more fish from them, thank-you very much.

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