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Exposure to paint

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lentilbake · 05/12/2011 19:32


I have heard that when decorating you should move your tank to a different room so have been putting off decoratinging my living room. However, Ihad a tub of paint stored in a cupboard in my living room and took it out to get to the christmas decs behind it, dropped it, the lid came off and I ahve paint all over my carpet. Will the fish be ok? :(

(I have platys and neon tetras)

OP posts:
hohohEauRouge · 05/12/2011 19:46

They should be OK if you make sure the room is well ventilated. If you have an airpump then stick it in another room, out of the window or away from the paint and use an extra long airline. But if it's not loads of paint then you should be OK just opening the windows for a bit. I think I'd be more worried about the carpet! Grin

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