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the island - any good?

2 replies

Frenchy72 · 16/08/2005 14:40

anyone seen it?

OP posts:
ellasmum1 · 22/08/2005 20:16

Saw it last night. i liked it. always like futuristic type stuff though.Acting's good.Bit too much action at times for me but keeps the men happy i suppose!

Roobie · 22/08/2005 20:48

Saw this last week at my regular under ones screening (so tend to see films I wouldn't normally go to see). I hadn't read any of the poor reviews so had no preconceptions and must admit I actually enjoyed it. Although much could have been made of the subject matter it wasn't actually very deep or thoughtful but, for a popcorn no-brain action movie, it would pretty good.

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