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Kick Ass-ok for nearly 13 year old ds?

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tullytwo · 06/05/2010 12:14

Just wondering if annyone has seen this and if so would it be ok for my nearly 13 year old ds who is desparate to see it as am I?

Not too worried about language and violence-he is a sensible chap but dont want anything to overtly sexual.

OP posts:
mayorquimby · 06/05/2010 12:47

there's one fairly sexual scene, you don't see any bits explicity but you do see them at it in an alleyway which is very short.

tullytwo · 06/05/2010 13:11

thanks mayorquimby-am undecided still tho! How long are we talking?

OP posts:
mayorquimby · 06/05/2010 13:20

It's a while since I saw it but as far as I remember it was a kind of cut scene for comedic value. Two of them say they're off to study or something and then it cuts to them banging in an alleyway for maybe 5 seconds if I remember right, with her kind of straddling him.
There's another scene with a bit of nudity without seeing any of the rude bits if you get me? all shot so you don't see anything save some bum.
That's as far as I remember so either I've become completely desensitised to the numerous orgy scenes or else there's not much else in the way of sex. Hopefully someone else will confirm.
Lots of proper swearing and violence though.

LetThereBeRock · 09/05/2010 19:58

This tells you in detail about everything that may be unsuitable for children in the film.

jennymac · 19/05/2010 08:32

Just been to see this film last night and while I really enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty violent. Don't think it is really suitable for 12/13 year old tbh.

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