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Nemo1977 · 16/07/2005 22:32

just watched this with dh and it was quite good. Usually he puts a film on and i go on MN but this actually held my attention 99% of the time which is a mean

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suzywong · 30/10/2005 13:47

I am trawling the movie review topic and I just thought I'd say I felt the same about this movie, cute but wooden Keanu notwithstanding. Far better than I expected and splendidly photographed.

Thought Gavin Rossdale was good and all.

munz · 30/10/2005 14:06

lol - ooh I thought it was excellent - althou didn't understand it till the end - and DH had to talk me thru most of it esp the whole gabriel fallen angel thing.

overall thou 9/10!

spookylips · 30/10/2005 14:08

ooohhh - i love watching any thing that got Keanu in it!!

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