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Million Dollar Baby

7 replies

notnowbernard · 14/10/2009 19:12

Is on Film4 tonight

Is it worth me trying to stay awake for?


OP posts:
ellipsis · 14/10/2009 19:16

No. I hated it.


notnowbernard · 14/10/2009 19:17


Why did you hate it and what sort of film do you usually like?

OP posts:
muggglewump · 14/10/2009 19:19

Ooh what time?

I loved it and will watch again tonight if not too late.

walkthedinosaur · 14/10/2009 19:22

I loved it, thought it was fab, now I know it's on I'm going to tape it.

ellipsis · 14/10/2009 19:24

It's a misery fest. I don't like that kind of thing.

notnowbernard · 14/10/2009 19:24

Tell me what's good about it, please [smiel]

OP posts:
ellipsis · 14/10/2009 19:26

I've gone all Father Ted

Down With This Sort of Thing!

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