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Saw Julie & Julia tonight

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moondog · 18/09/2009 22:20

Good fun.
A bit too long, too many fake french accents but a very loving portrayal of two nice women in a non chick flick kinda way.

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wheredidmyoldlifego · 18/09/2009 22:50

Thought it was quite sweet - no need to see it in the cinema but overall, nicely done - agree on too many bad fake french accents but yes, rather nice - quite a feel good film, if a little long!

moondog · 18/09/2009 22:51

Was tonight first night then?

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Hassled · 18/09/2009 22:54

I must get my act together enough to see this - heard Nora Ephron talking about it on R4 and she did a good selling job. She really loves Meryl Streep.

Mmmmcoffee · 23/09/2009 00:29

Have to agree on the french accents, they were awful! A lovely film though, I really liked the way they interwove the stories.

Was I the only one completely thrown by the fact Julia Childs' husband looked exactly like Alf Garnett?

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2009 16:55

I saw it last night. I thought it was marvellous, I laughed a lot. I adore Meryl Streep and she was particularly excellent in this, lots of superb eye rolling.

I'm quite inspired to buy the How to master the art of French Cooking now. I want to make her beef bourguignon

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