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going to the cinema tonight. what shall we watch??

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Mamazon · 16/05/2009 18:30

we went to see wolverine the other day and so i think its only fair that i do't make poor Dp watch me dribble again.

we dont like horror and im not much a slushy girly film type person so what shall we see?

the star trek one looks good but ive never really watched any of the star trek series as im not really a sci fi fan. do you reckon that'd be good?

or what else is out now thats any good

OP posts:
EarlyAdopter · 16/05/2009 18:31

Hannah montana

warthog · 16/05/2009 18:32

star trek. supposed to be very good. it's what i'm going to see tonight!

cthea · 16/05/2009 18:32

What's on offer at your local cinema?

blametheparents · 16/05/2009 18:33

My Mum and Dad went to see Star Trek last week and they like it. My Mum is def not a trekky.
I quite fancy it too

Mamazon · 16/05/2009 18:33

earlyadopter - i fear i may be a little too old.

that and i think i may be single if i even suggested it to dp.

though i do secretly want Dd to ask to see it so i can go

OP posts:
EarlyAdopter · 16/05/2009 18:33

OH NO ONE IS TOO OLD for uncle billy

merlinthehappypig · 16/05/2009 18:35

I went to see Star Trek and I really didn't want to go, (DH's choice), but it was actually really good. So I would recommend it.

Mamazon · 16/05/2009 18:38

the list is

17 again
Angles and demons
beverly hills chihuaha
fast and furious
ghosts of girlfriends past
ilove you man
star trek
state of play
hannah montanna
night atthe museum

quite like the look of state of play even though im not really a russel crowe fan.
but i guess girflriends past and i love you man would be a bit of a chuckle...or are they dire?


OP posts:
warthog · 16/05/2009 19:13

oh good merlin. i have a secret crush on zachary quinto.

TrillianAstra · 16/05/2009 19:19

Star Trek! It is really good. My mum liked it and she doesn't do scifi at all. I loved it because I do do scifi, although I think I probably missed qute a few injokes as I hadn't watched much old Star Trek stuff, but it was very good even as a standalone.

Kimi · 16/05/2009 19:28

I went to see Angels and demons yesterday and it is good, going to see star trek on Wednesday, ghost of girlfriends past looks funny too.

YanknCock · 16/05/2009 19:32

Star Trek! Star Trek! Star Trek! Can I come? Will there be nachos?

Ewe · 16/05/2009 19:35

Star Trek, it has had absolutely brilliant reviews.

Haven't heard of anyone who hasn't loved it and I don't think you need to have any interest in sci-fi to enjoy it either.

I love you man and Ghosts of girlfriends past both look pretty rubbish, probably worth a watch on dvd but not at cinema!

warthog · 16/05/2009 23:27

oh WOW!!! went to see star trek and lOVED IT!!

TrillianAstra · 17/05/2009 10:48

Yay! But you were going already. What did Mamazon go see? Did she follow our advice?

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