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recommend good movies

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kentmumtj · 18/03/2009 12:10


I love watching good movies. They can be fact fiction, romantic, comedy, action even good horrors.

I am off work followin an op and would really like some suggestions.

OP posts:
ThePFJ · 18/03/2009 12:55


Some of my favourite movies:

The Shawshank Redemption
The Truman Show
Hot Fuzz
Shaun and the Dead
Spirited Away - lovely animation
Howl's Moving castle - another great animation
Me, Myself and Irene
The Green Mile
Monsters Inc - Pixar cheer me up movie.
Mean Machine (the version with Vinnie Jones - you will laugh your ass off)

They are also the sort of thing I love to watch when I am off ill.
Get well soon! xxxx

kentmumtj · 19/03/2009 10:42

i have seen nearly all of them but will look for the ones i havent thanks

OP posts:
MrsJamin · 19/03/2009 10:43

juno - without doubt brilliant.

Claire2301 · 19/03/2009 10:49

Have you seen How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days? It's very chick-flicky but I love it!

kentmumtj · 19/03/2009 11:53

seen juno and how to lose a guy in 10 days.

as ive been at home for so long now i think im exhausting all the good movies.

OP posts:
MrsJamin · 19/03/2009 12:05

50 first dates? Could watch that loads of times.

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