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Revolutionary Road - Don't bother!

3 replies

Milliways · 29/01/2009 22:02

Luckily we had free tickets, as DH said that was all it was worth.

I thought it was OK, but not worth the effort of going out to & paying to see....

DH had to be prodded to keep him awake.

There were SOME funny bits, but not enough to redeem it. Not enough actually happened!

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 29/01/2009 22:10

DH refuses to watch anything with DiCaprio in anyway.

wintera · 31/01/2009 10:51

It does look very depressing! I like certain members of the cast, but the trailer has put me off!

kentmumtj · 18/03/2009 12:07

ive seen it hmmm not great to be honest bit of a sad ending.

wouldnt receommend it or watch it again.

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