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There Will Be Blood

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grouchyoscar · 25/01/2009 12:39

Just got around to seeing this. I thought it was stunning. The cinematography was expansive, DDL was awesome, and PT Anderson does it again.

And DH said he 'didn't get it' and he 'Didn't see the point'

Only thing missing from a PT Anderson Film was Philip Seymour Hoffman TBH

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sfxmum · 25/01/2009 12:50

I liked it very much and for once the DDL acting did not get on my nerves it seems to fit the story perfectly, it was also wickedly funny in places and quite beautiful

Penthesileia · 25/01/2009 13:01


Loved it.

Explain to your DH that DDL was not trying to be naturalistic; that this was a sort of wild, baroque tragi-comedy, with the most outrageous, beautiful symbolism.

A good deal of art doesn't have a 'point' in a straightforward way. Bop him on the head for being a philistine!

grouchyoscar · 25/01/2009 13:03

He didn't see the significance of the final ine 'all that and that's it?!?'. I thought it was prophetic and profound.

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Penthesileia · 25/01/2009 13:06


Alarmingly topical, I would say.

Gosh - might go and buy it now: want to see it again!

grouchyoscar · 25/01/2009 13:06

Mind you he did say Shindlers List was 'Difficult to grasp' and 'Bloody Speilberg stuff' (He hates Mr S) Thing is he adores some fantastic film that leave me cold but...

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Penthesileia · 25/01/2009 13:08

Why would Schindler's List be difficult to grasp?

OK, you might have intellectual issues with it; plenty of Holocaust academics, etc., found it inappropriate and simplistic.

But difficult to grasp?

Well, takes all sorts!

grouchyoscar · 25/01/2009 13:35

I think as it didn't tell him anything he didn't know/wasn't aware of, there was little point in it for him.

Poor DH is a man of few words when it comes to expressing himself.

Can't understand why TWBB passed him by tho

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Penthesileia · 25/01/2009 13:38

Ahh, I see.

Still, re: TWBB, it would be a boring world if we all agreed!

grouchyoscar · 25/01/2009 13:41

Oh Aye, would be awful

Back to DDL stuff. Loved him in Name of the Father and loved Mr Plainview but Gangs of New York just left me very 'so what'

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