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UnfortunatelyMe · 27/11/2008 23:31

If anyone goes to see this can they review here

OP posts:
LouieStrumpet · 28/11/2008 10:12

I went to Changeling on Wednesday night and I thought it was incredibly well told - if a little harrowing.

I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie but I think she played the part of Christine Collins very well - emotional and yet restrained as women of the 1920's probably would have been.

The story is basically thus

(contains spoilers):

CC (Christine Collins) goes to work leaving her 9yo son at home and when she comes back he has vanished. A few months down the track the LAPD are facing accusations that they are corrupt and incompetent, so when a boy turns up claiming to be CCs son, they see it as a chance to clear up their reputation. Except it is not CC's son and she trys to explain that to the LAPD. Eventually she goes to the Press and then the LAPD get mad and place her in an asylum.

At the same time a boy is captured for illegal immigration and confesses that he was forced into helping his uncle kill children out on his ranch, and that CC's son is amongst them.

CC is released and then the story follows what happens in the subsequent trial of both the LAPD and the uncle that killed the children. It was also not proven for definite at the time that CC's son was amongst those children and it follows her search for him.

I found it a bit difficult to see as a mother of a son, but worth seeing IYSWIM. I think that even dhs or dps would enjoy it too.

UnfortunatelyMe · 28/11/2008 10:24

Thanks ever so much, I saw an advert for it on ITV player and thought it was released this weds.
Sounds really good. Thanks again

OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 28/11/2008 10:31

I saw the advert, and while she was screaming 'I want my son!' all I could think of was who is that little boy they've given to her then? Where do the police get random children to give to women who have lost theirs, and why didn't the boy say that she wasn't his mummy?

LouieStrumpet · 28/11/2008 10:46

Hi Trillian,

The boy apparently heard that this child was missing, he wanted to go to California to meet his favourite movie star, so went to the police and said he was the son. I think he was a runaway or something too.

PuppyMonkey · 28/11/2008 12:21

Saw it yesterday and thought it was wonderful. Really conjurs up the 20s so well. But be warned, there are some very disturbing scenes in it.. True story too

Angelina very convincing... the support cast like the police and a particularly nasty doctor were brilliant imo. And the main villain... very scary.

Strumpet - you've given away the whole plot!

LouieStrumpet · 28/11/2008 12:37

I know PM, that's why I put contains spoilers.

Maybe I was thinking I was on IMDB!

TrillianAstra · 28/11/2008 13:17

Contains spoilers is good - I don't think I'll get around to seeing it (I'm going to be teenager-ish and watch Twilight next), and I wanted to know what on earth was going on after seeing the trailer.

Tinker · 03/12/2008 00:24

I found AJ a distraction in this, wish a different actress had played the lead. I found her hammy and wooden; reminded me of Madonna's "acting". And I didn't engage with the film really. Enjoyed it (in that it's a good film) but didn't get drawn into teh characters really.

ColumbosWife · 06/12/2008 19:52

Tinker - I disagree. Thought AJ was SUPERB; I felt every moment of her trauma; but thought Clint Eastwood's direction was a bit self-indulgent. It's one of those films which should be 20 minuts shorter than it was. And I felt it wallowed in the brutality of the subject matter - e.g. a protracted scene where someone is hanged - in a way that didn't progress the story...
AND I had the worst nightmares after seeing it, because of the thought of all the terrible things happening to the children; so I'm not sure I can recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with young children ( which is probably evryone one here!)

ColumbosWife · 06/12/2008 19:53

PS But I should have said that the costumes and cinematography are amazing....

saadia · 06/12/2008 19:59

It was really difficult to watch - very harrowing. I kept thinking I should have seen Four Christmasses instead. Having said that I thought it was gripping and very well-made. I thought AJ was a little detached but I remember reading that she herself had found the character difficult to play because she could not relate to how restrained the real Christine Collines had been.

Parts of it are truly unbearable. I did think that the hanging scene was necessary though.

southeastastra · 06/12/2008 20:02

i looked up the true story on wikipedia so would avoid it

TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings · 06/12/2008 21:46

Saadia - I was like you, found it very difficult to watch in places, parts of it made me feel physically sick. I had no idea the way the story would unfold so it was a real shock to me when it took the sinister route it did. Very gripping though (I didn't fall asleep which is a sure sign of a winner for me).

As for AJ, thought she was okay. Her watery eyes got on my nerves after a bit though I must say.

Amani · 09/12/2008 13:23

thanks for the spoiler - dont think i'll get around to seeing it - but it one of those films where i wanted to know what happens in it anyway

stillstanding · 09/12/2008 13:33

I looked up the true story on wikipedia too, southeastastra, and thought the movie was pretty faithful to it, no?

The flashback scene in the chicken coop was the one that really shocked me. I just wasn't prepared at all for that. But very effective. Also thought the corruption and power of the police at that time was portrayed brilliantly.

The problem with AJ is that her personal life is just too well known now. She has become the stroy and the whole time I was watching I kept reminding myself that it was her whereas with another actress I would have been more focused on the character iyswim.

Tinker · 09/12/2008 19:01

Agree stillstanding about AJ

mumto2andnomore · 10/12/2008 17:22

I really enjoyed it but agree it was more harrowing than I expected. Really shocking true story, especially the chicken coop and the electric shock treatment.

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