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time4me · 11/11/2008 21:55

Brilliant,exceeded expectations,DC was even better.More action,more unspoken romance,ticked all boxes,and left me on a high.Go see it!

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time4me · 11/11/2008 21:58

Quantum of Solace-thought DC was even better than before.It was a grittier film that Casino,but faster pace.The romance was beautiful,OK no shorts or snogging but more subtle and definatly sexy.Loved it-go and see it!

OP posts:
Anteater · 18/11/2008 19:36

JB time has hit an all time low with this dialogue free hand held camera shot(can they not afford a tripod??) so 'now' film.
Left with a headache and a feeling that all is not well at MI5

BoccaDellaVerita · 18/11/2008 23:45

I'm glad I've seen it but it was like being stuck in an arcade game for two hours.

time4me · 19/11/2008 18:22

Well I thought it was excellent and I really hate arcades.I just thought DC was great in it,and it was escapism for me.Wouldn`t suit everyone.Roll on the next Bond.

OP posts:
Blinglovin · 19/11/2008 18:26

I love DC. Love him. Want him to ravish me at any time of the day or night.

DP is fairly understanding!

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