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can anyone recommend a good film out on dvd for boys aged 8-10yrs old?

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TeacherSaysSo · 08/10/2008 15:20

I was hoping Walle would be out, but it isn't out until nov. 18th. I need a vid for a group of 10 boys and I'm hoping its new enough that at least half haven't already seen it!

I looked on the internet, but no joy. Any ideas?????

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TeacherSaysSo · 08/10/2008 16:01


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brightwell · 08/10/2008 21:04

Son of Rambow.

Elvis · 08/10/2008 21:09

I agree, we watched it last weekend. Son of Rambow.

TeacherSaysSo · 08/10/2008 23:05

Wow I've never heard of it but just looked at the trailer, it looks excellent, a real change from all the animation films. Thanks a lot.

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WideWebWitch · 11/10/2008 20:04

If they haven't seen these I'd recommend:

The Water Horse, fab film, about Loch Ness monster, every 10 yo I know who's seen it loved it
Sky High (kids in superhero school, funny, cool)
That Alex Rider film, um, Stormbreaker, kid as spy

(I hated son of Rambow btw, really disliked it, tried to watch it last night and it irritated me)

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