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Space chimps or The fox and the child?

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kid · 02/10/2008 21:23

Thats the choice of films for Saturday. I plan on taking DD 9 and DS 6, which one do you think they would prefer?

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SmugColditz · 02/10/2008 21:25

Er, space chimps.

I would go for space chimps. You can't make a 6 year old boy sit through something as soppy ans fox and the child

kid · 02/10/2008 21:29

I told him that was on at the local cinema and he didn't say no. I just found out that Space chimps is showing at another localish cinema so I can imagine he would chose that one.

But, I checked some reviews for space chimps on here first and people said it was rubbish! I thought the trailer looked quite good myself lol

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retiredgoth · 02/10/2008 21:34

...seen both.

Both rubbish, but I found Space Chimps slightly less awful than I had imagined,and we all laughed occasionally.

Took my 4 boys to see fox and the child, (at the request of the 7 year olds) and they enjoyed it. I was bored rigid, however.....

We go to the cinema a lot, but this year has had a poor crop of films, Wall:E excepted...

cthea · 02/10/2008 21:36

I only saw Space Chimps which wasn't too bad (compared to that underwater one a couple of years ago, not Finding Nemo).

kid · 02/10/2008 21:40

shark attack or something?

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retiredgoth · 02/10/2008 21:43

Shark Tale.

Yep. Dismal

Leslaki · 02/10/2008 21:43

My ds - 6 and his friend thought Space Chimps was fab! (so did their 5 yo sisters)I agree with retiredgoth and will say that it was slightly less awaful for me than I hd imagined!

kid · 02/10/2008 21:44

I hated shark tale too, just couldn't get into it. Loved Nemo though

Maybe I'll just let the kids decide, I am guessing they go for Space Chimps.

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