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Superhero movie - suitable for 7 year old?

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Buda · 01/07/2008 08:36

DS loves Drake Bell who is in the movie and wants to see it but it is a 12. Anyone any idea of suitability for a 7 yr old? He has seen POTC3 in cinema and liked it but won't watch at home. Was a bit scared at Narnia last night.

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Buda · 01/07/2008 10:17


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streakybacon · 04/07/2008 13:11

I read a review somewhere that said it was a bit rude and suggestive, fair bit of swearing, left me thinking that it wouldn't be suitable for my 9.7 year old. You could check out IMBD website for more info (sorry, crap at links).

misdee · 04/07/2008 13:13


misdee · 04/07/2008 13:14

its not overly offensive, but lots of animals humping drake, lots of sex jokes, lot of innudedo.

TearsofaPersonalClown · 04/07/2008 13:15

Apart from the fact that it is sh*te!!..I would not recommend letting a 7 year old watch it. Better suited to younger teens imo.

misdee · 04/07/2008 13:17

i thought it was shite as well PC, dh asked it.

misdee · 04/07/2008 13:17

dh liked it even.

TearsofaPersonalClown · 04/07/2008 13:20

I'm saying nothing to that comment. I'm just waiting for the 3rd Mummy film and I'll be happy.

smartiejake · 04/07/2008 14:31

No it's NOT suitable for a seven year old. We took my dd and her friends to see this a few weeks ago for her birthday (they are all 12) and dd2 came too (10) I really enjoyed it and dd and her friends were all in stitches as it's really funny but quite rude (sexually) in places and there's quite alot of swearing.

If I had known I would not have taken the ten year old with me so I definitely wouldn't let a 7 year old see it.

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