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Kung Fu Panda

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talilac · 07/06/2008 11:21

DH wants to take our panda obsessed nearly 2yr old to this as her first cinema experience.. Thoughts on suitability please?? She has watched Jungle Book etc and been fine with it..

Also, any good, shall I go too?.


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Boyswillbeboys · 07/06/2008 11:45

I personally wouldn't take a two year old to the cinema - only because mine would never have sat still or been quiet for a whole film. Took DS1, then 5, to cinema for the first time last year and he found it all a bit overwhelming! Also, from the trailer I've seen, Kung Fu Panda is quite violent (although it is a cartoon) as it is about martial arts. I'm taking DS1 who is now 6 to see it, because he has just started Judo and is mad about that, but I won't take DS2 who is 4.

talilac · 07/06/2008 20:31

Thanks BWBB.

Anyone seen it yet? I'm talking to you, US of A people..

OP posts:
redpanda · 30/06/2008 16:37

Took ds (aged 11) to this yesterday and he LOVED it. I thought it took a while for the humour to get going, but it was hilarious by the 2nd half of the film - especially in the flight scenes. My ds just sat giggling away (which made me laugh in turn at him).
I think it's real boys humour e.g. big fat panda lands on opponent - cue close up shot of big fat bum squashing opponent.
From an adult's perspective its OK to goodish. Having said that I was more than happy to sit through it. Jack Black is great.

With regard to original post I would have to say it wasn't suitable for a 2 year old for both the reasons bwbb mentioned: violence (albeit sanitised) and the sit-still be-quiet factor. In fact that was the one thing that spoilt the film for me yesterday - two mums and a bunch of young kids of which at least 2 were too young and noisy and badly behaved. Why can't people be sensitive to other cinema viewers? One toddler was practically screaming towards the end and the mum didn't do anything other than the occasional sshh. She should have taken him out. Grrrrrr. Other people pointedly moved seats to no avail.

spamm · 01/07/2008 00:15

We took our ds - 3 yo - at the weekend and he loved it. He giggled the whole way through, although we missed a couple of bits because of visits to the toilet.

But I would not have taken him at 2, beacause I think that would have been too young and he would not have enjoyed the whole experience so much.

LittleMissTickles · 01/07/2008 00:28

We took DD1 (4.10) and DD2 (2.4) a few weeks ago. They loved it, one or two very mildly scary scenes (my eldest scares easily), but all in all fun. DH and I also enjoyed it, but then it was our first family trip to the cinema!

MrsSprat · 03/07/2008 01:11

Took 6 mo to a baby viewing, and she loved it. In fits of giggles throughout.

For an adult, it was okay, some really cool actors in it, the panda's facial expressions are Very Jack Black.

taliac · 04/07/2008 13:49

Thanks everyone..

kid · 12/07/2008 18:02

I went today with 9 & 6 yo to watch this movie. They both loved it and were giggling out loud at some scenes.
I loved it too

hoxtonchick · 12/07/2008 18:14

did you go to islington kid? dp & the kids were there for the 3 o'clock showing. i was shopping .

kid · 13/07/2008 18:19

We went to the 11:40 viewing, then had to dash off to the school summer fete.
Sounds like you had the right idea!

deanychip · 13/07/2008 18:28

we have just got back with ds who is 5.
He was interested for about 15 mins then not!
Must admit we took him when he was about 4 and it was ahuge disaster, left afetr about 20mins into the film, but then he will never sit through a DVD, never has.

Ita quite a nice film, lots of fast cung fu moves, smashing stuff but its funny in parts.
If your child will sit, give t a go, i could NEVER chance it with my 2 year old in a month of sundays, but mine is like something possessed after guzzling 5 fruit shoots and 20 tubes of blue smarties.....even on water and sweet popcorn.(never had a fruit shoot in his life btw!)
Deany shakes head and writes note to self..retry cinema when ds is 15 deany"

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