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Son of Rambow- any good???

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tiredemma · 07/04/2008 07:50

I read a review which made it appear to be a good flick- anyone here seen it yet?

OP posts:
CaptainUnderpants · 07/04/2008 08:01

Haven't , but DH was also reading a review yesterday and commented that it looked a good film .

I was initally horrifed when he said the title - I had visions of Slyvester Stallone and a 'mini me' tramping through the jungle - but now I know better!

tiredemma · 07/04/2008 09:32

It looks quite funny, I saw a clip on this Morning with Eric Sykes as one of the boys grandfather in a care home- they dress him up like Rambo.

OP posts:
spamm · 07/04/2008 23:36

DH and I went to see it on Friday night and really enjoyed it. It is set in the 1980s, with loads of great music and is a very funny look at early adolescence - warts and all at times. It is so sweet and the friendship between the boys is very touching. I recommed it, as long as you are not expecting a Rambo-style movie .

MoreSpamThanGlam · 10/04/2008 15:30

I have just come back from seeing this - took dd (13) and ds (9).


One of the best films I have seen in years!

Its funny, touching and original.

If you were a teenager in the 80's you will love it. Plan to see it again this weekend. fabulous!!!!

marina · 10/04/2008 16:06

How did your younger ds like it MoreSpam - am thinking of possibly taking ds, who is a film-mad nearly-nine.
It would be the first time I let him see a 12A in the cinema though. What's in it that makes it not a PG, in your view? (Given that the PG-rated Ghostbusters we saw the other day had a woman being called a bitch in it...)

Fullmoonfiend · 10/04/2008 16:09

the trailer alone made me well up...desperate to see it, as is dh and ds1 (10) but ds2 is too young at 7, Do they let 7-year-olds in to 12A with adult?

MoreSpamThanGlam · 10/04/2008 16:20

He LOVED it because the boys are of a similar age. There is a bit of name calling. Nothing I wouldnt expect them to hear in the playground TBH.

We were all welling up. The frienship is amazing and the kid that plays "Lee Carter" well, he is just fantastic.

It is everything that Be Kind Rewind wanted to be but didnt manage.

Just glorious.

It is not at all like Rambo, so dont expect it. It is just beautiful.

I am a real film a holic and watch several films a week and this has to be in my top ten.

MoreSpamThanGlam · 10/04/2008 16:24

Yes they do let any age in as long as accompanied by an asult.

Iy depends on the child/family. I have a friend that will only let her kids watch disney films that are U or rg, and she has 12, 11 and 10 year olds.

But I think its a personal choice. personally i would forgo a bit of swearing and dosgy fighting (with a ketchup bottle) to see the overall message in this film.

It depends on your views about this.

Fullmoonfiend · 10/04/2008 16:29

my 7-year-old has coped with LOTR, Spiderman and other 12 stuff watched by his elder brother, so as long as there is no sex or filthy language, he'd cope.

It just seems to vary wildly! I mean Casino Royale is a 12 but there's no way I'd let my 10-yr-old watch it.

MoreSpamThanGlam · 10/04/2008 16:49

I agree with Casino royal but on the other hand let DD watch Blood Diamond which was just awful, but also moving and had a "point" to the violence and story. So much that she went on to talk about the issues at school.

But gratuitous sex or violence - nope.

DarthVader · 11/04/2008 13:06

Am considering taking my 8 year old...anyone else have any advice on this one?

marina · 11/04/2008 17:47

DarthVader, I was chatting about the film to a friend who is a dad and a teacher and he thought my ds, at nearly 9, was a bit too young for Son of Rambow. He and his 11 year old thought it was wonderful.

Tinker · 14/04/2008 23:30

Have just seen this. Enjoyed it but didn't love it. Nice and whimsical but thought the boys were a bit stage-schooly tbh.

I did think my just 11 year old would like it, language is the 12A issue I think marina. Depends on how "street" your boy is. I'm not sure I'd have taken my eldest when she was 8. But it won't give nightmares; it's not disturbing, I don't think. Tom & Jerry violence.

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