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PS i love you

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dmo · 06/04/2008 23:07

anybody seen this?
i read the book a while ago and have just watched the film
by the end i was in tears
my dh is irish i just love the tongue

OP posts:
BigTech · 28/04/2008 16:29

Excellent film.

Get the tissues ready.

Great mix of funny, happy, sad. A real emotional roller-coaster.

honeybee101 · 07/06/2008 22:47

just watched it. have only just pulled myself together.

note i was alone in the house (except for lo's upstairs). had to binge eat a packet of popcorn and tub of ben and jerry's in order to cope with sheer gut wrenching torment.

bumperlicious · 07/06/2008 22:54

Really? I read the book and wasn't that fussed. Might have to watch the film now.

littlelapin · 07/06/2008 22:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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