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The Killer

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Britpopbaby · 02/11/2023 18:26

Enjoyable enough but wait till it’s on Netflix ( it’s a Netflix film). It doesn’t really add anything different to the canon and the John Wick films are more enjoyable.

OP posts:
FourEyesGood · 03/11/2023 17:39

I liked its slow pace.

burnoutbabe · 11/11/2023 21:15

Itsssssss soooooooooo slowwwwwwwwww

But least I am at home and can wander off for a wee and browse mumsnet at same time

sakura06 · 18/11/2023 23:36

I really enjoyed it, but it's a bit of a paint-by-numbers revenge thriller. I expected more from Fincher. Totally agree with OP that the John Wick films are more enjoyable.

whiteshutters · 18/11/2023 23:40

It's on Netflix now. We watched it last night and I really enjoyed it. It's all about the mindset though isn't it? I hate the John Wick movies.

thistimelastweek · 18/11/2023 23:53

Started well followed by a series of unpleasant deaths and an anticlimactic ending.

whiteshutters · 19/11/2023 11:42

I googled about the ending and why he did that.

ShinyBandana · 19/11/2023 11:44

Tried to watch it last night. Bored after 15 mins and asleep after 30mins. DH watched to the end and said it wasn’t worth it

DoYouAgree · 19/11/2023 21:08

Extremely boring feel like I've seen this film a thousand times before nothing original at all

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