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The Flash

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Nowaybak · 16/06/2023 08:50

Anyone conflicted about seeing it? I really want to see it, the trailer looked amazing.
Not sure if I can be a hypocrite.

OP posts:
OneThingAndThenTheNext · 16/06/2023 08:57

Same! Michael Keaton is a huge pull for me, but I can’t face seeing Ezra Miller and his stupid face and don’t want to support his career. Gah!

Niftythrifter · 18/06/2023 16:17

I’ve seen it and it was fab! It’s a good example of how a multiverse film should be done and I was not bored unlike the Dr Strange sequel and the third Antman film. It was great to see Michael Keaton back!

ZombieBeryl · 18/06/2023 16:32

I don't like Ezra Miller as a person but he's a good enough actor that I was able to enjoy his performance as 'Barry/Flash' and forget who's playing him. I enjoyed the film. Loved Michael Keaton! It was just the kind of escapism I needed.

RhubarbAndMustard · 18/06/2023 16:39

Can't wait to see it. Trailer looked amazing.

Tacocatgoatcheesepizza · 19/06/2023 22:33

I watched it last week. Absolutely loved it, I thought it was an excellent film. Just the right mix of funny/cool/superhero/sad.

burnoutbabe · 20/06/2023 18:16

I watched it and thought Kevin Costner was great in it.

When partner said that was Michael Keaton I was like, ah that makes far more sense!

The chap from unforgotten was in it too!

I do prefer the flash tv show though but film was pretty good.

Nowaybak · 20/06/2023 18:21

I’m a hypocrite. Went this afternoon. I really enjoyed it. Still feel guilty. Because he does emotional stuff so well.

OP posts:
peoplearepeople · 22/06/2023 12:24

Like many I was really conflicted about seeing this, but Michael Keaton was a big draw for us. I have to say we really really loved the film. I thought Ezra Miller actually did a great job and there was just so much nostalgia to enjoy. It was so much better than I thought it would be. Sad to see that it's been getting poor reviews in lots of places as it really doesn't deserve it. A really good dc film in my opinion.

TappingTed · 05/07/2023 09:44

It was excellent! I’m off to google what is wrong with Ezra Miller. 🤣

Bbq1 · 05/07/2023 10:01

Fantastic movie. Obviously Ezra Miller won't be playing Barry again and isn't a good person but I thought he was brilliant in the role
I think he's a great actor and was perfect as Tfe Flash. Great film with sone great cameos.

Tacocatgoatcheesepizza · 07/07/2023 18:37

It is such a shame it has done so badly - I enjoyed it much more than any of the recent marvel films!

beckieeboop · 11/07/2023 00:43

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