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Please watch David Attenborough- a life on our planet

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AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 03:22

It's on Netflix.

Incredibly poignant and incredibly sad .

We are heading into the 6 mass extinction of our planets history .

Anyone who cares even remotely about the planet needs to watch this .

I've long said - we aren't destroying the planet - we are just destroying ourselves.
The planet has survived worse and will again .

What we are doing is killing our own people and our own wildlife.

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BooseysMom · 12/05/2023 03:25

Thanks for the heads-up. I will watch this and make sure I get the tissues ready. 😢

AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 03:53

Sir David finished this by telling us how we can change our course .....

We can change this .

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meatbaseddessert · 12/05/2023 04:22

AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 03:53

Sir David finished this by telling us how we can change our course .....

We can change this .

Presumably it's by stopping adding another 250,000 new consumers to the worlds population every single day? It is in fact by reducing the world population reducing it massively and significantly.

That's the root cause of the issues. Massive massive over consumption by a bloated human population.

No amount of recycling or washing towels less is going to have any impact.

AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 04:50

Nope . Watch it and see .

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AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 04:51

It's relatively simple . And not remotely difficult.

Instead of cynically trying to predict the answer why don't you watch the film .

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Lemme · 12/05/2023 04:52

What’s his advice?

AnyaMarx · 12/05/2023 05:02

Watch it .

The population actually sorts itself out as with any creature . You hit a oeak and it levels off . That isn't the issue .

There are a few things that are relatively easy to implement.
I don't want to simplify it without people just watching the film

It's more about sustainability- energy
The natural world has relatively few carnivores because the amount of energy required to hunt the food isn't commensurate with the rewards .
So it's about sustainable farming, food , energy and the sea . None of its rocket science either .
Watch it . It might surprise you .

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