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Is there an online film club?

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razzbo · 20/04/2023 11:59

Anyone know of anything like an online film club? I'm thinking of the sort of thing where once a fortnight they suggest a really good film (classic / foreign / whatever) and you watch it in your own time and then all discuss it on Zoom one evening. I know lots of these cropped up over lockdown. Just wondering if any still exist? Google hasn't found much. Don't mind paying a bit to join if need be.

All suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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RuthW · 20/04/2023 12:07

Join a WI. If they havent got one, start one up. We do the same with tv progs.

razzbo · 20/04/2023 12:15

Thanks for your reply! There is a WI but I don't feel ready to join it... Nothing against the WI at all but in our local one they're all at least 30 years older than me... and I'm not young! Great idea though. I would start a film club myself, but I want someone else to tell me what to watch as I don't have a clue and want to learn!

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Shamsterdam · 20/04/2023 14:22

@razzbo can you set one up on here?! I'd join!

razzbo · 20/04/2023 14:30

Shamsterdam · 20/04/2023 14:22

@razzbo can you set one up on here?! I'd join!

I would love to! But only if other people suggest the films to watch. I have no clue what's good or what to comment on. Kind of hoping to learn!

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SkittlingSkittles · 20/04/2023 14:31

Try searching on the Meetup and Eventbrite websites

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