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is it worth getting Disney+

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Crumpetdisappointment · 19/03/2023 11:46

how do i know what films are on without subscribing?

OP posts:
ifoundthebread · 19/03/2023 11:50

Google what films are owned by disney?

Onemyownhere · 19/03/2023 11:57

No it isn't worth getting Disney+

Paturday · 19/03/2023 11:58

I think it is.

Disney and Pixar films are on it.

Loads of kids shows as well as Nat Geo etc.

Love the Pixar shorts and the making ofs!

grosslyunfair · 19/03/2023 12:03

If you've got a Tesco Clubcard you can get a voucher for 3 months of Disney + for £8 of their vouchers.

I have it and think it's great- huge back catalogue, Disney, marvel, Star Wars and some great new programming. Also lots of quality stuff on there too. I'd have it over Netflix at the moment

smurfmonkey · 19/03/2023 12:03

I use my clubcard vouchers to pay for it, if that's an option for you I don't feel like I'm wasting money if I don't watch it very often. I think it also really depends what type of films you like watching. They have all the latest Disney releases but I wouldn't say it's the widest range of all of the streaming services.

Forever42 · 19/03/2023 12:05

I like it - use it more than Netflix at the moment. Watch more series than films though. Have recently enjoyed Dopesick, The Dropout, Only Murders in the Building.

MuffinToSeeHere · 19/03/2023 12:07

Disney plus has about 2000 films on it in the UK. I'd say that was pretty comprehensive and definitely worth the cost.

deltapips · 19/03/2023 12:08

There is lots of great content on Disney +. It will depend on what kind of stuff you enjoy, but we do use it a lot.

PeekAtYou · 19/03/2023 12:09

It's not just kids stuff. I use £8 of Clubcard vouchers like pp.
Personally I find myself watching it more than Netflix and Amazon Prime.
What kind of content are you looking for ?

Whycanineverever · 19/03/2023 12:14

If you get a o2 sim you can usually get 3-6 months free depending on sim price plan.

After that it's £2 off a month.

Tiani4 · 19/03/2023 12:37

- If you've got a Tesco Clubcard you can get a voucher for 3 months of Disney + for £8 of their vouchers.


Even as normal subscription it's£6.99 monthly and you can stop and start anytime and up to 5 profiles can watch at same time

It has brilliant films for children and all the back catalogue Star Wars , Marvel, Pixar
Including latest ones like Wakanda Forever, Shang chi, films and hours and hours of Wandavision, The falcon and winter soldier, Hawkeye (loves that!), Loki, She hulk, agent carter series etc

Also the new Mandalorian & Andor Star Wars series

It has so many bingeable series's too - including
numb3rs , 911, 911- lone star, Lie to me, Modern Family, Station 19,blackish, with back catalogues of lots of great TV series and many more films

We tend to watch it more than Netflix and Amazon prime (all teenagers and adults now)

So I'd definitely recommend it

Crumpetdisappointment · 19/03/2023 20:11

thank you
i wanted to see Banshees of Innershin, also like to see Wakanda forever, purely because I love the song
no children in the house now.
we did have it briefly but the pictures were too small to see what was on really!
Dopesick has been recommended to me
my dh didnt like only murders in the building so gave up on that when we had use of Disney+

OP posts:
waltzingparrot · 01/04/2023 14:42

24 is on it if you missed that the first time round and it's your sort of thing.

Crumpetdisappointment · 01/04/2023 21:13

I enjoyed Mad Men and Breaking Bad - so that is my thing

OP posts:
ginghamstarfish · 17/04/2023 23:16

I like it, no kids but can usually find something to watch. Got a year's subs for £18, think it was from the MSE newsletter.

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