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Help me find this film from 50s/60s

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Itshandled · 02/03/2023 00:31

Sorry, another one of these help me remember the name of this film. I watched it late 90s/early 00s, one of those films they used to put on on weekends afternoons on BBC2. I think it was around made in 50/60s, definitely an older film. I can’t recall if it was in colour but I do remember they used soft focus on the woman’s face for those emotional moments.

The plots was a man and a woman who meet in a shop over a record player and it is playing a song. Then it goes on from this love at first sight moment to marriage etc. I think they move to China (or somewhere similar - I remember paper screens with floral paintings) and adopt a baby. I vaguely recall they had to adopt after the woman was injured in some sort of flood/mud slid type accident. I have a memory of her saying she wanted a child with blue eyes and blonde curls and the woman from the adoption agency saying that was what everyone wanted. Then after they left, she went back and said to the adoption worker that the hair didn’t really matter.

At the end, it turned out this was an imagined future together and they were still standing in the shop listening to the song. I think it ended with them speaking to each other for the first time.

I hope someone can help. It’s been bugging me for years!

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chergar · 02/03/2023 00:47

Could it be Penny Serenade with Cary grant? Some details don't match but it is similar

StarbucksSmarterSister · 02/03/2023 00:50

Sounds like Penny Serenade to me!

tobee · 02/03/2023 00:52

Penny Serenade definitely. Floods of tears now.

tobee · 02/03/2023 00:54

Whoops now I read the end of the post and the imagined future is not quite right. Remembered past is though.

bruffin · 04/03/2023 21:53

The only detail different in Penny Serenade is the end . You can watch it for free on Youtube so have a look on there

alittlequinnie · 06/03/2023 08:31

Definitely Penny Serenade. Free on Prime at the moment.

ZeldaWillTellYourFortune · 06/03/2023 10:02

Penny Serenade, 1941
Cary Grant & Irene Dunne

Goodyetalso · 13/03/2023 05:22

I remember this being on tv one afternoon when I was off school sick in about 1989. I was 11 and cried my eyes out. I had no idea what it was called until I asked on a (different, not Mumsnet) forum about 15 years ago and they told me. I tracked it down and wept all over again.

Itshandled · 23/08/2023 21:37

Bit later to reply but thank you so much!

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