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AIBU to ask you sleuths to help me remember this brilliant Spanish drama

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deltablue · 21/02/2023 23:25

Ok, it's def pre-pandemic so around 2018/9 I think. Spanish miniseries- I think there were 8 and a further 2 were planned for a full year later! Talk about suspense.
Anyway, man and wife, both successful architects running their own practice/s. Stupendous house (of course) prob in Madrid?
Daughter goes missing (she's late teens) and for some reason Dad becomes the suspect .
Utterly gripping, and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere- nor the final episodes , and it's driving me mad!
Dad - tall, dark, handsome in a broody Spanish way- prob late forties. Wife striking and I think not stick thin, again mid to late forties.
Can anyone help?

OP posts:
Spirini · 23/02/2023 23:33

I've no idea but it sounds great! Have you tried using google translate for some key words to search?

Dzogchen · 23/02/2023 23:38

It sounds a bit like Sé quién eres, but the main couple were a famous lawyer and a judge (though there also were architects in it, and the legal couple had a fabulous architect-y house) and the missing girl was a niece….

Dzogchen · 23/02/2023 23:38
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