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Epic Tails

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bornagineapig · 14/02/2023 11:43

Hi there, considering taking my kids to see this film currently showing in cinemas over half term but can’t find out much about it. Wondering if anyone has seen it and can give me some idea of content. I know it’s got greek gods/mythology in it so a bit concerned as my 5 year old is easily spooked….it’s always a risk paying out for the cinema!! Thanks

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Vgroves · 19/02/2023 22:02

Any reply to yr post for Epic tales? Did you go to see it with yr 5 years all? I have the same query!

bornagineapig · 20/02/2023 08:23

Hi there :-) no, unfortunately no replies to this and I didn’t risk it in the end. Hopefully someone will post at some point

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Wallawallakoala · 02/03/2023 09:35

Don’t do it! We left half an hour before the end because my nearly 5 year old hated it. It’s mostly monsters, lots of fighting, nothing funny, it’s not good! In our opinion anyway!

Wallawallakoala · 02/03/2023 09:37

It was her first time to the cinema too and she came out crying 🙈 not normally too bothered by stuff but yeah parts are a bit grim.

bornagineapig · 02/03/2023 14:55

wow, okay glad we swerved that one then!!! thank you

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