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The Ending of The Banshees… ( possible spoiler alert)

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Niftythrifter · 30/01/2023 13:35

What’s the score with the ending? In the final scene the character who chopped his fingers off has his who hand intact. What does the ending mean?

OP posts:
Puppylucky · 30/01/2023 23:09

Really! I didn't notice that are you sure?

Niftythrifter · 30/01/2023 23:29

@Puppylucky yup!

OP posts:
FourEyesGood · 04/02/2023 13:14

There were definitely no fingers on his hand at the end of the film.

Theredfoxfliesatmidnight · 04/02/2023 13:36

It's his other hand babe

forgettingtoremember · 04/02/2023 13:44

I'm sure there weren't fingers on his hand?

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