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You People

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wrigleys123 · 27/01/2023 22:37

Has anyone watched? What did you think?! I'm not sure what I thought really ๐Ÿ˜… but it wasn't terrible.

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LingfieldWay · 27/01/2023 22:39

I enjoyed it! A great Friday night film with plenty of laughs.

wrigleys123 · 27/01/2023 22:49

Love Jonah Hill in pretty much most things, and the cast was really great!

OP posts:
MsPrism · 28/01/2023 10:53

I really enjoy it and loved the relationship between the two leads.

applecatchers36 · 29/01/2023 00:06

Very warm, sweet couple bit Romeo and Juliet against the odds in the current hot US political climate. But yes lots of laughs and you rooted for them, really enjoyed it.

themessygarden · 29/01/2023 21:49

I enjoyed it, very politically incorrect, great cast !

Did not recognise David Duchovny until mid way through the movie, when hubby commented on who it was, he has aged ! Love Julia Louis Dreyfus.

wrigleys123 · 29/01/2023 22:02

The x files guy? Yeah he made me laugh the most! I like that he has aged, not sure if he has had surgery or not though.

OP posts:
Hellsmovie · 31/01/2023 08:50

Watched this last night, it was ok . Had a few funny bits,

I completely disagree with the message that white and people will never be "cool with each other"

wrigleys123 · 31/01/2023 21:42

Yes I thought that too; but then I'm white so maybe I don't know how I would feel if it were the other way round. It definitely paints a picture of more racial tension in America than there is over here. But then again maybe I'm ignorant to it over here having not being affected by it.

OP posts:
SharpLily · 31/01/2023 21:55

I hated it. Too heavy on its 'message'. Even in the US I don't think people's entire relationships are based upon the colour of their skin - I don't just mean romantic relationships but friendships, family relationships etc. Did these people really have NO other topics of conversation?

I was also really uncomfortable about the way they protrayed the Jewish mother and black father as being as bad as each other. Shelley's positive discrimination may have been clumsy and a bit annoying but she actually did her very best to be friendly and welcoming. Portraying the ring tangled in wig incident as something racially biased was ridiculous and pretty disgusting. Shocking I know but white people can also wear wigs and the incident was clearly an accident so why oh why did race have to be part of the issue? Oh yes, because this film didn't have any other plot points to make. But this behaviour was not in any way on a par with the black father, who admitted taking an instant hatred to the white boy because of just that, he's a white boy, and then setting out to deliberately sabotage him. That's plain nasty and should not in any way have been compared to the Jewish mother.

Yeah, the whole thing was pretty horrible and I got bored with feeling my eyes rolling.

SpangoDweller · 31/01/2023 21:57

I quite liked it - great chemistry between the leads, but the wider family stuff was a bit contrived. Enjoyable though.

BatsPigeonsRatsSquirrels · 11/02/2023 20:34

Here's Duchovny a year ago.. he normally looks a little less "aged"!

You People
BatsPigeonsRatsSquirrels · 12/02/2023 10:14

I thought the ending was ridiculous

Shemovesshemoves21 · 12/02/2023 10:21

A complete waste of 2 hours of my life. I didn't find it funny at all. Characters had no chemistry, editing was terrible and the narrative of racial divide and constant racial insults were a real turn off and the message they were trying to convey could've been executed better. It all smacked of "white guilt" if I'm honest. The thing that really stood out to me was the message that white and black people will never get along - not really helping tackle the divide in my opinion.

crossstitchingnana · 12/02/2023 10:32

I really liked it, a gentle comedy, until the ending - which was awful. It was like they didn't know how to wrap it up and panicked.

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