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SocksAndTheCity · 21/01/2023 21:43

Far too long, virtually devoid of plot and very silly, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and Margot Robbie is just stunning; more of Li Jun Li would have been nice too 😊

I hated La La Land so much I was prepared to walk if necessary, but I thought it was lots of fun and I'd watch it again. Anybody else been?

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Bundler · 22/01/2023 19:52

I'm fascinated that period - and loved You Must Remember This's clinical fact-checking of Hollywood Babylon - but, having seen trailers, I just can't get past all the poor elephant in the opening scene. Or the poor snake, or the rat, or the alligator. (Yes, I know worse stuff happens to actual people but... perimenopause.)

Might watch it on Netflix when I can fast forward at will.

DuncanBiscuits · 25/01/2023 23:40

Didn’t like it. Far too long and unwieldy, pretty gross, and Margot Robbie’s character was completely anachronistic and very annoying.

Brad Pitt was good, though.

Southeastdweller · 29/01/2023 13:59

Agree - much too long. I didn’t think there was much of a story and I wasn’t invested in any of the characters. I enjoyed the director’s three other films so I was really disappointed.

BrandyandGinger · 29/01/2023 22:07

I hated La La Land, I turned it off half way through and I almost never do that. But I love Margot Robbie and generally like movies about Hollywood so I'm debating if I should go and see it in the cinema or just wait until I can stream it.

Puppylucky · 30/01/2023 23:02

I loved it! It was absolutely wild and engrossing. Apparently Margot Robbie's character was based on Clara Bow and her costumes on Theda Bara so not that anachronistic. And the elephant is CGI!

NewspaperTaxis · 06/02/2023 19:24

I saw it a week ago or so and just hated it. I knew I wasn't going to get on with it very early on but didn't know it was three hours long. It's sort of meant to be funny but the director doesn't have funny bones imo. The lead is okay but not terribly charismatic to carry a film where he's in every scene and he needs to be in something of this ilk. As with many films depicting the Golden Age of Hollywood, it feels a bit corny and hokey, kind of unbelievable. I just couldn't see the point of any of it, didn't like any of the characters. Towards the end there is a great scene where they encounter a local Mafia kingpin and there's a real sense of menace and jeopardy even it it gets beyond gross and scary, but other than that.
I saw it first week so it cost £17.50 even on a matinee, along with a coffee and so on, really put me off going to the cinema.

Puppylucky · 06/02/2023 19:28

Most of what's featured in the film actually happened- if not all to the same one or two people- so not really unbelievable.

NewspaperTaxis · 07/02/2023 09:59

Well, that makes it worse! It's in the way it's presented.

It's true someone vomiting at a la-di-dah presentation event is not in any way incredible, nor a bacchanalian orgy at a desolate mountain top castle - it's just done in a way I couldn't believe.

edithjc · 18/04/2023 16:45

I very much enjoyed Babylon. It's a pure masterpiece. Completely exciting and unpredictable. Best movie of the last year.

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